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IMC Group of Companies

ISCAR, located in Northern Israel, is a dynamic full line supplier of precision carbide metalworking tools, producing a wide range of carbide inserts, carbide endmills and cutting tools covering most metal cutting applications. ISCAR also provides metalworking solutions in both engineering and manufacturing to major industries throughout the world. Many innovative products, specially designed according to customer requirements, have made ISCAR a world leader in manufacturing industries such as automotive, aerospace and die & mold production.
ISCAR website:

TaeguTec, with headquarters in Korea, produces high quality cutting tools, tungsten powder and industrial products. The company supplies products to a network of subsidiaries and distributors in more than 20 major industrialized countries. Among its customers are the automobile, aerospace and many other industries. TaeguTec prides itself in keeping abreast of the latest developments and technical advances in the metalworking and industrial products sectors.
TaeguTec website:

Tungaloy is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of carbide cutting tools in the metalworking industry.
Nearly 80 years of experience in the engineering of cutting tools are reflected in their production program. The company produces products from carbide, cubic boron nitride (CBN), polycrystalline diamond (PCBN), ceramics and cermets of the highest quality and performance.
Tungaloy’s innovative R&D department continually strives to create new products for highly efficient and economical machining applications for the production needs of the 21st century.
Tungaloy offers a wide range of turning, milling and drilling products and is always attuned to new technologies and customer demands.
Tungaloy website:

Ingersoll Cutting Tools has long been one of the world's leading suppliers of metal removal tooling. Since its first cutting tool patent, Ingersoll has strived to provide the most innovative and productive metal removal solutions on the market. Production facilities are located both in the USA and Germany. Today, Ingersoll offers the widest range of milling products in the world and, with close ties to the many various resources of the IMC Group, provides many exciting innovations for the metal removal process. Ingersoll's goal is to help the customer remain competitive in the market's rapidly changing manufacturing environment.
Ingersoll website:

IT.TE.DI. is a company well known for its high precision tools designed for machining aluminum. Most of the company’s products are used by the automotive industries for machining applications on aluminum engine blocks, gear boxes, carburetors, etc.
IT.TE.DI.'s manufacturing facility and marketing headquarters are located in Arezzo, Italy. From this location, its large variety of combination tools that incorporate both brazed and throw-away inserts, as well as PCD and CBN inserts, are shipped to manufacturing companies throughout the world.
IT.TE.DI. website:

UOP manufactures state of the art solid carbide & HSS CNC machine tools for automated control systems and sophisticated robotic technologies. In addition, UOP specializes in the production of tools with unique profiles and geometries guaranteeing absolute machining accuracy. With over 30 years of experience and technical know-how, UOP delivers reliable support during the design and post-manufacturing activities on customer premises. Another area of expertise is UOP’s custom PVD coatings and regrinding services to restore the tools to optimum performance levels. UOP supplies a wide range of over 10,000 tools in powder steel, HSS-E and solid carbide, as well as tools for high-speed cutting (HSC).
UOP website:

Founded in 1981 and numbering at present 46 employees, Outiltec is situated in the heart of Europe, 30 kilometers north of Strasbourg, in a small town near Hagenau. Thanks to the most modern production equipment and highly qualified staff, they rank among the major manufacturers of special tools in France. Their quality assurance policy, which has been pursued consistently since 1991, received the ISO 9002 certification, granted in 1998. Outiltec manufactures standard drills and reamers, solid carbide endmills and gundrills. The company's main customers are automobile manufacturers and their sub-contractors.

Wertec, located in Arese, Italy, is dedicated to the manufacturing of specially tailored, high precision custom made tools, mainly for the automotive industry.
Wertec’s great efforts invested in R&D have resulted in the design and production of high precision tools for a varied array of applications. Customers can always rely on speedy delivery times and full technical support.

Unitac provides a complete range of brazed and indexable single and double tube deep hole drilling tools, delivering drill heads and accessories of the finest workmanship in the industry at an extremely attractive price. Unitac tools are completely interchangeable with standard tooling, by simply attaching the drill head to an existing boring bar.
The company’s engineers have been researching and designing deep hole drilling tools for over 25 years. Sales engineers and technicians are available at all times to consult with customers.
Unitac website:

Tool-Flo, one of the most experienced and well-known companies in the field of metal cutting tools, provides expertise for metal removal applications in the oil & gas, aerospace, automotive and medical industries. Tool-Flo offers a wide range of standard, special tools and carbide inserts coated with advanced PVD and CVD technologies for threading, grooving, parting, turning and milling applications
Tool-Flo website:

Métaldur is known for the manufacture of high precision tools designed mainly for machining aluminum. Their manufacturing facility and marketing headquarters are located in Villaz-St-Pierre, Switzerland. Most of the company’s products are sold to the automotive industries for various applications, such as machining aluminum engine blocks, gear boxes, carburetors, etc. Métaldur ships a large variety of combination tools, including brazed, disposable, PCD and CBN inserts, to manufacturing companies throughout the world.

IMC Dalian
The new IMC Dalian production facility located in Dalian, China was created as a result of the IMC Group’s dedication to excellent customer service within East Asia.
Adhering to its objective to increase customer benefit, IMC Dalian produces fine quality metal cutting tools and carbide rods. The purpose of the center, which employs several hundred workers, is to provide better engineering and production services to customers in East Asia and Oceania.
IMC Dalian’s high criteria comply to the stringent demands of the International Standards Institute.
IMC Dalian website:

Morse is a manufacturer of premium solid carbide endmills of unmatched quality, produced with the highest degree of accuracy, both standard and specially tailored, and provides excellent milling application solutions for all of the leading industries.
Morse is committed to operating under the high standards of the IMC Group to ensure a constant and reliable supply of products anywhere in the world and deliver a fast response to, and in compliance with, customers varying needs.
Morse website:

Precision Cutting Tools (PCT), located just outside of Los Angeles, California, joined the IMC Group in May 2018. PCT specializes in quick turnaround carbide round tool specials. With exceptional customer service and superior technical knowledge, customers have been able to rely on PCT for many of their crucial applications., PCT also offers a full standard catalog of high-performance carbide endmills and drills (up to 50xD). PCT specializes in aerospace applications but its tools are also successfully used in other industries such as automotive, oil & gas, die & mold, and heavy equipment.
PCT website:

CTMS - Commodity & Tool Management Services is an independent business division of the IMC Group, dedicated to delivering tool management services to help customers reduce their production costs. The CTMS team comprises tool management professionals in key areas of logistics, engineering and IT, all critical to cost reduction in the supply chain and manufacturing processes affected by cutting tools.
CTMS website:
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